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The Secrets of Land Surveying: How the Ancient Egyptians Started it All

A Glimpse into the History of Land Surveying Land surveying has undergone several iterations and evolutions since it came into existence thousands of years ago. The development of technology changed how land surveying has been done throughout history. Whether you’re a fan of the profession or want to learn more about its development, this historical […]

The Epping Baseline: A Brief History

Experience surveying history right here in Maine Have you ever wondered how the early maps of the Atlantic coastline were developed? The answer can be found right in our backyard. Known as the Epping Baseline, the 5.4-mile stretch of gravel road located in the blueberry barrens of Washington County, Maine, holds significant importance in the […]

Preventing Unwanted Hunting on your Property: How a Land Survey Can Help

In most cases, Maine hunters ask permission to use private land for recreational purposes. However, hunters may find it difficult to discern one piece of land from another.  If you have unwanted hunters using your property, you’re not alone. According to the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, 94% of the land in Maine is privately […]

Stone walls: A symbol of New England’s history

When you walk through the backyards, forests, and fields of New England, there’s a good chance you’ll see stone walls in your travels. As professional land surveyors, we have seen our fair share of these abandoned stone walls sprinkled along Maine’s landscape. We were intrigued by their connection to Maine’s past and their ties to […]

The Role Land Surveying Plays in Topography Maps as Works of Art

One of the most popular wall hangings in homes today are 2-dimensional topography maps. In fact, some of these works of art are created through land surveying and can also be used in the planning of new development projects.  Each topographic map is unique based on the area of interest, and professional land surveyors can […]

How Maine Land Surveyors Help Protect Waterfront Land

Maine is known for its beautiful coastline, tributary streams, wetland areas, and abundant lakes, but its beautiful waterfronts are at risk of being overdeveloped if we don’t do something to protect them. Maine has many active land conservancies working hard to protect many acres of land from development. Whether these conservancies own the land outright […]

Boundary Pins Make For Good Neighbors

If you have ever walked your property line or wandered through a wooded area, chances are you’ve stumbled across metal stakes in the ground. These are known as boundary markers/pins or boundary monuments and are used to mark the corners of a property.  They are often iron pipes, bolts, or rebars driven three to four […]

The Technology We Use

The field of surveying is an exciting industry, and new technologies are modernizing the way we do our job!  Many may think land surveyors mainly do fieldwork; however, each job comes with a split of time spent in the field and in the office. Whether in the field or in the office, Herrick & Salsbury, […]

5 Reasons To Hire A Land Surveyor

The work of professional land surveyors is critical for responsible land development and management of private and public land. In fact, land surveyors can help with many issues beyond the boundary lines of your property.  Check out these five reasons to hire a land surveyor; Boundary and Property lines One of the most common reasons […]