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Can you survey my camp lot?

Yes, we have many camp lots in the area and this is a service we frequently provide. Camp lots can be problematic to survey. One reason is that camp lots decades ago were considered low-value property. That is hard to imagine in this day and age, as waterfront lots are now the most valuable property. However, when “camp” became popular after World War 2, landowners who had water frontage were typically selling the property 50 feet at a time for about $1 per foot of frontage. It was measured, if measured at all, with a carpenter’s ruler or rope by the landowner without the benefit of a survey. Pipes or pins may or may not have been set at the time. Even if they were set, construction of roads, ditches, and camps destroyed all the boundary evidence. Relations between camp owners were typically friendly, and observation of boundary lines was casual at best. It was “camp,” and people didn’t go to camp for more than a few weeks in the summer and really did not care about boundary lines until more recent times. Not every camp lot has these characteristics, but a large majority do. It depends on the neighborhood. We will gladly prepare a free estimate for you.