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What do I do if there is no flood elevation shown on the flood map?

If the property is in Flood Zone A, without a letter or number after the “A,” the flood zone is “approximate.” [FEMA calls it an “unnumbered A Zone”] No Base Flood Elevation (BFE) has been determined for the area. However, FEMA can only approve a LOMA/R if a BFE has been established using standard engineering methodology or using the simplified method.

Sometimes another government agency has done a flood study and determined flood elevations, or perhaps the lot is in a fairly recent subdivision for which flood elevations were determined as part of the land development process. Check with your local building inspector or code enforcement officer. However, it is unlikely to find such information in this area.

If there is no existing flood study, one will have to be developed in order to process a LOMA/R, either by the simplified methodology or by a watershed study, which is very costly.

LOMAs or LOMR-Fs in Flood Zone A are usually more complicated. Be prepared!