More Than a One-Stop Shop

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. is known for its work in land surveying. And because of this, it is not surprising we are sought after when a survey is needed.

But often, when a survey is requested, something else triggers that need.

For example, we were asked to survey a parcel of land on the ocean. There were a couple of older cottages on the lot. The owner wanted to renovate at least one of the buildings. They went to the Town and recommended a survey to determine the building setback lines – the trigger.

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. performed the survey and submitted a final survey plan to the client with the setback lines shown and a final building envelope visualized.

At submission to the client, we explained we could continue to help them obtain a permit to perform their renovations as hoped. It was obvious the survey plus the building envelope, which was 100 feet away from their cottages, would not provide them the know-how to proceed and succeed.

The client quickly accepted our offer, and we continued to contract and represent them in front of the Town. The client was not an expert in land-use planning; few people are. Land use planning and permitting is a complex and ever-changing subject. Further, each town has its own rules, so what may apply in one town might not be applicable in the neighboring town.

Luckily for our clients, we offer land use and permitting services that work in conjunction with our land surveying services. Stephen Salsbury, owner of Herrick & Salsbury, Inc., maintains his code enforcement officer certification.

In another example, we were again contracted for our land surveying services. This time we were asked to survey a largely undeveloped parcel of land along a popular tourist through-way. Halfway through the project, it became clear that our survey’s purpose was for setback lines and zoning considerations – the trigger. And a timeline had been laid out. Each step of the way, the client found three other steps would hold up and significantly delay their timeline. After meeting with Stephen Salsbury, the clients decided to continue contracting with Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. for our one-stop services, experience, and know-how in the field of land use planning and permitting.

The problem is, as in the examples above, we often receive a request for a survey, but the client does not realize we can offer so much more, and so our services end after the survey, and the client doesn’t know which direction to turn next.

If you have a project that involves land use permitting, check out our Land Use & Permitting Services page and then give us a call at Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. to discuss how we can help you with your project.

We can be your one-stop shop!