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5 Instances Where A Land Surveyor Is Your Best Friend

Wondering when you may need a land surveyor? Whether you’re buying a new property, dividing up your existing land, making improvements or just trying to solve a boundary dispute with a neighbor, a company like Herrick & Salsbury can be a big help. 

Wondering when you may need a surveyor to help you with a land-related issue? Get more details about the top 5 circumstances when you may need the help of a land surveyor below!

1. You’re Buying A Piece Of Land And Need Its Boundaries Assessed

Having a piece of land surveyed before it’s purchased is critical. You need to make sure that you can prevent future boundary disputes and litigation by having a good understanding of where your property begins and ends.

Not only that, but if you’re financing the purchase, the lender will likely require a survey in order to ensure that its interest in the property is protected. Failing to have a proper survey could put you in both legal and financial trouble in the future! 

2. You’re Dividing Up A Larger Parcel Of Land

If you have a large piece of land you would like to divide into several parcels or subdivisions, a survey is essential for establishing the legal boundaries of the new land. You may also need to make boundaries for things like utility easements, roads and more. 

If you fail to have a proper survey done, you may run into legal issues when trying to sell your pieces of land, and you even run the risk of selling plots with overlapping boundaries, which can lead to some serious headaches. 

3. You’re Looking To Develop A Piece Of Land

If you want to build on vacant land, it’s important to establish its boundaries, so that you can ensure you meet local building requirements – such as setback requirements.

Setbacks refer to how far away from the boundary of your lot line you can build. To build in a municipality requiring a 20-foot setback, for example, you will have to establish the boundary lines of your plot, and make sure that it meets all relevant requirements when you begin to build. 

4. You Want To Make Improvements To Your Property

Even if you own a piece of property and have already built a home or another such structure, you may need a land surveyor if you plan to make more improvements – such as a deck, an additional kitchen, a fence, or any other such structure.

Failing to do so could result in the violation of setback requirements or even building on property that’s not yours. If you make one of those mistakes, you may be required to tear down the addition or structure, costing you an enormous amount of time and money. 

5. Your Land Boundaries Are In Dispute

Your neighbor has planted trees that you think are on your property. You want to build a fence, but the adjacent property owner claims that your intended location is on his side of the property line. Someone from the city has said that your newly-added deck doesn’t meet setback requirements.

How can you decide who’s right? With a legal survey of the property. A certified property surveyor can help clear up any gray areas and provide you with a truly accurate assessment of property lines and boundaries – ensuring you can resolve these disputes quickly. 

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