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Gravel Pit Permitting in Franklin


Acquire permit for client to expand existing gravel pit in Franklin, Maine.


The client, Chad Francis of Atlantic Landscape, asked us to apply for a permit to expand an existing, active gravel extraction operation in Franklin. Chad was running out of material to extract and needed to secure a permit to further expand the operation prior to the construction season.

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc., started by mapping the existing features of the site, locating the boundary lines of the property, mapping the contours of the land, and identifying the area where future extraction was desired by the client.

We assisted in coordinating with a geologist where to install additional water monitoring wells, which are used to establish the elevation of the underlying water table and to gather water samples for water quality monitoring. Gathering and sampling the water prior to excavation sets a baseline of the water quality so any changes to water quality in the future can be compared to prior existing conditions.

An application was submitted to the Town of Franklin Planning Board in January 2019. Several planning board meetings and public hearings were conducted by the planning board. A permit was issued to the client by the planning board in April 2019.



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