photo of boundary stake in lawn

Lot Division


Survey estate property to enable family to divide property.


Tara undertook an enormous task of surveying 350 acres adjoining two dozen camp lots along a lake, locating the access roads and other land features. Most of the deed descriptions of the property and adjoining properties were poorly written (which is not unusual) plus there were time constraints on Tara to get the project completed and to the attorneys.

The property was surveyed and mapped. After our initial mapping, we worked with the clients to help decide where the dividing lines were going to be located and resolved some discrepancies in some of the boundaries we found.

The end result was the production of six full-sized survey plans showing the division of the property into four different parcels. Herrick & Salsbury, Inc., set documentation on the dividing lines and prepared lengthy descriptions of the parcels being conveyed.

The client expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for the work Tara did for them.


aerial photo of lake and land to be divided

photo of Lot division plan

What Our Clients Say


When I show a property, a lot of time the seller has lived there for many years. They’ve become friends with their neighbors. Things have moved over lines. Lines have moved. Driveways have moved. That’s when we call Herrick & Salsbury and they can come out and figure out where the lines are so we can get the property sold.

Michele Francis, Realty of Maine

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