Residential Services

Whether you are buying a new home, are looking to build any new structures, or just want to make sure your property lines haven’t shifted, the team at Herrick & Salsbury, Inc., is here to make the process of getting your boundary survey completed as simple as possible.

Typically, a boundary survey will provide deed research, measurements, setting corner markers, locating the improvements on a parcel, preparing a plan showing the results of the survey, and creating a new metes and bounds description of the boundary lines. A metes and bounds description is used in a deed to describe the directions and distances around the perimeter of a property.

Exceptions can be made, with client agreement, to limit the scope of work to locating one corner, one boundary line, dividing the property, marking a boundary line for fence installation,  or documenting a line location agreed to between two property owners known as a boundary line agreement.

There are many other services that we provide to residential owners including issues related to flood plains, pre-purchase inspections, and mortgage loan inspections. We also help staking setback lines, either from a protected resource (ocean, lake, or stream) or from property lines, before new construction begins.

Our Residential Surveying Services

Home Lot Survey
Wood Lot Survey
Elevation Certificate
Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)
Pre-Purchase Inspection Sketch
Lot Division
Setback Staking
Mortgage Loan Inspection
Fence Line Survey
Boundary Line Agreement
Boundary Disputes
Expert Witness

What Our Clients Are Saying


When I show a property, a lot of time the seller has lived there for many years. They’ve become friends with their neighbors. Things have moved over lines. Lines have moved. Driveways have moved. That’s when we call Herrick & Salsbury and they can come out and figure out where the lines are so we can get the property sold.

Michele Francis, Realty of Maine

Getting Started

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