Shaping the Future of Surveying

At Herrick & Salsbury, Inc., we believe in the power of education to shape the future of surveying. Our roots as graduates of the University of Maine’s esteemed Surveying Engineering Technology program have instilled in us a deep commitment to advancing our field through continuous learning and innovation. The recent contribution of advanced surveying equipment to UMaine, valued at $1.7 million, underscores the importance of state-of-the-art technology in our profession and its potential to empower the next generation of surveyors with the tools they need for success.

Our commitment to educational outreach goes beyond our own academic backgrounds.

In ‘Mapping the Future,’ Vice President Tara Hartson, brings the world of land surveying alive for elementary and middle school students, illustrating how mathematics is a cornerstone of surveying. Her presentation aims to spark curiosity and enthusiasm in young minds about the profession, showing them how surveyors contribute to community development and the exciting possibilities that a career in surveying can offer.

We invite you to explore the detailed account of UMaine’s program and the impactful equipment loan here and delve into Tara’s visionary presentation here.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of education and practical expertise that is vital for nurturing the surveyors of tomorrow and ensuring the continued growth and relevance of our industry.