photo of old surveyors maps

Thank You to Our Clients: A Look Back at a Busy 2020

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. saw a tremendous increase in business in 2020. At the end of 2020, we have work booked into April-May 2021 with many projects started in 2020 that will carry forward well into 2021. Our staff has been working very hard on taking care of the many projects we have going.

The diversity of clients and the type of work we were asked to do was very broad. We have a nice mix of long time clients and new clients, both from the area and those moving into the area. Many folks were first time buyers of property in Maine, either for second homes or were permanently relocating to Maine.

At the end of 2020, we officially applied for town approval in Trenton for a large community solar project on behalf of a client. This was our first project involving a large scale solar installation permit application. We have been involved in layout of previously designed and permitted projects, but not the actual permitting itself.

Also at the end of 2020, we applied for town approval for a 48 site oceanfront recreational vehicle campground in Searsport. The town has been very supportive of the idea of a full-service campground catering to large campers and motorhomes which will draw people to the local businesses in town.

Many of our long time clients have been active as well. We are surveying for new home construction, housing developments, vacant land sales, lot divisions, dusting off older subdivisions (now that the lots are selling again), starting new land subdivisions (mostly small developments) and some purchases of older properties to either substantially renovate or demolish and reconstruct new.

Permitting has been especially busy as more and more municipalities are regulating not only traditional land subdivisions but also development activities such as commercial buildings, gravel extraction, multifamily housing, and travel accommodations. Lately, some towns are creating ordinances to regulate recreational marijuana and solar energy generation.

We look forward to serving our wonderful clients in 2021.