We’ve Been Busy!

Why are you unable to survey my project right away?

We understand this news may not be what our customers want to hear. We are happy, even excited, to assist everyone with their surveying needs; however, it simply wouldn’t be right for us to offer services and then not be able to deliver in a timely manner. We are determined to assist you with your surveying and permitting needs, and we are asking for your patience during this busy economic time. 

Here are a few underlying reasons why we are so busy;

Confidence in the Real Estate Market 

For the last three years, real estate values have consistently increased. This has given consumers a lot of confidence in the market! 

That increased confidence has people selling their homes and purchasing new properties or parcels of land in droves.

The surveying work Herrick & Salsbury provides is far-reaching; consider what happens when buyers need mortgage loan inspections to close their loans. Many times, they will need additional services like boundary line surveys to determine where they can put their garage or determine how close their new addition can be built. 

How about a buyer who purchases waterfront property? They may need an elevation certificate and LOMA to avoid having to buy expensive flood insurance, or they may need to know the setback from the shore to prevent building in the shoreland zone. 

When it comes to landowners looking to sell off a piece of their larger parcels of land, a boundary survey is necessary to split the lot and a description to sell the resulting lot. Maybe they have an even bigger parcel that they have decided to subdivide? They will need a boundary survey, pins set on each lot, and assistance to get approval from their local planning board for the project.

Workforce shortages 

This is a big one: All industries in every market are finding it difficult to fill positions with qualified candidates. One reason? The increase in Baby Boomers taking retirement! That is excellent news for new retirees ready to hit the golf course or drive cross country in an RV; however, this has left a big hole in the labor pool. Fewer people are entering the workforce, and in turn, fewer people are entering the surveying industry. Those who do enter the surveying field will take, on average, five years to become skilled at surveying, giving our industry no real relief in the short term.

We’re Still Here for you 

As you can see, the increase in demand for surveying services goes hand in hand with real estate buying and selling, as well as workforce shortages. At this time, our workload is at capacity, perhaps above capacity, and will continue to be at capacity so long as there are surveying requests. Just know that we are still here for you! Call us and tell us about your project. We ask that you please bear with us when we say we can’t do the actual work for a few months.