tara hartson using surveying equipment

Women In Surveying

The surveying industry is in-demand and female surveyors are taking a piece of the action. 

A common misconception is the survey industry is a male-dominated profession. However, women are joining the workforce in increasing numbers. 

Female surveyors are not a novel occurrence. At the turn of the century, females began to break through into the industry in small numbers and helped lend a hand during WWII. Since that time, the number of females in the field has slowly increased.


According to HDSurveyors.com, women now make up approximately 13 percent of all workers in the field.

Although 13 percent may seem low, it is a big jump from a mere 3% in the 80s.

The good news is numbers are expected to increase. 

HD Survey estimates that 27 percent of students enrolled in surveying programs in this country are currently women. That is encouraging news for future generations of women looking to enter the industry.

Thanks to technological advances, the profession has been made much more attractive to prospective surveyors. The use of laser scanning technology provides fast data collection, making the process much more efficient, allowing for a more flexible work schedule. 


The surveying industry is open, diverse, and rewarding. 

Surveyors are simply professionals that provide accurate, unbiased, and truthful information to the public.

Regardless of gender, it is essential to know that a land surveyor uses careful consideration, full knowledge of related legal documents, land records, and all evidence is reviewed in every aspect of a project. 

Herrick & Salsbury is proud to have a female surveyor as a lead member of our team. Tara Harston follows these guiding principles in her job and will surely inspire future female trailblazers in the surveying world.