I Was Issued a Code Enforcement Notice of Violation – What Happens Now?

No one likes coming home to a letter from the Code Enforcement office, but it happens more often than you’d imagine. In the event it happens to you, here is what you can expect as you go through the process. 

The Letter:

Code Enforcement violations should be taken seriously. If you get a letter, do not ignore it or toss it; you’ll want to take immediate action. 

If you’re wondering why you are receiving such a letter, it could be because someone called in a complaint about your property, prompting Code Enforcement to investigate. This is done through an inspection where the Code Enforcement official will check your property against city ordinances, tax records, and permits on file and make sure everything checks out. 

If it doesn’t you can expect to receive a notice to appear in court for a hearing along with a list of any violations cited.  

What’s Next:

Typically, the next step will be a meeting with the code enforcement officer. Your code enforcement meeting will not be the most pleasant experience. Usually stressful and intense, the code enforcement officer will review the pictures and documentation of your property’s code violation. 

It’s in your best interest to get ahead of the hearing by correcting any of the violations in question and bringing proof that your property is now in compliance. This can be photos of each element in question or certificates of completion from a contractor. 

The Aftermath:

If it is decided that the violations are legitimate, you will be instructed to pay a fine and required to correct any issues, usually by mutual agreement using what is known as a consent agreement.

Getting Assistance:

If you find yourself with a letter from Code Enforcement, Herrick & Salsbury can help. In conjunction with our permitting services, we can assist you in an analysis of an alleged land use violation. 

Did you know that Stephen Salsbury himself is a licensed code enforcement officer in the state of Maine?

With his experience and expertise, our team will review the notice of violation and advocate on your behalf with the municipal official, usually the code enforcement officer. 

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