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How much does a boundary survey cost in Maine?

The price of a land survey will depend on many variables. In Maine, the cost can range from $750 to $5,000 or more.

Unlike many states, Maine does not employ a Public Land Survey System and does not require land to be surveyed upon every conveyance. This can make surveying land in Maine more expensive and less predictable for the surveyor.

Also, Maine is a “colonial” state in which land was not always divided up in equal squares.

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The complexity of the survey and the requirements of the client will determine the exact cost:

  • A mortgage inspection/pre-purchase inspection costs the least.
  • If just the fieldwork of marking corners is needed, the survey will cost less than if a drawing is also required.
  • If the property deed is vague or poorly written, has no dimensions for the length of the boundary lines, or has not been updated to reflect previous conveyances, the extra amount of deed research needed will make the survey costs go up.
  • Single parcels cost less than surveying a large parcel divided into multiple smaller parcels; the more divisions, the higher the land survey cost will be.
  • The more corners a single parcel has, the higher the cost will be.
  • When boundary lines and corners are hard to access due to dense woods or water, the costs will most likely be higher.
  • The more detailed the survey is (structures, topography, wooded areas) or if encroachments are found, the higher the cost.
  • If the boundary lines are to be brushed out and the trees along the boundary lines blazed for visual reference, the cost will be higher. Brushing and blazing are highly labor-intensive.