Family Cemeteries On Your Property – What You Need To Know

I want to bury my family member on my property. Is this legal?  In most cases, yes! Here’s what you need to know before planning internment; The idea to bury beloved family members on your property may seem like a bizarre notion to some, however, the ability to have a family burial plot right in […]

Mount Desert Islander: H&S Names New Vice President

Herrick & Salsbury Inc. has announced that Tara A. Hartson of Mount Desert has been named the new vice president of the company. Stephen R. Salsbury, president of Herrick & Salsbury Inc., made the announcement while adding that there is an agreement in place to transition ownership of the company to Hartson as well.   

New Senior Housing Development Project in the Works!

Solving the housing shortage throughout Maine has been a significant focus for developers, and the lack of quality, desirable housing, especially for snowbirds (seniors who winter in the south), has been at the top of the priority list. Hancock county is no exception to this issue. Seeing a need in the community, SFS Development LLC, […]

A Career in Surveying is Closer than you Think!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a successful career in surveying? The field of surveying is in demand and the job market is lacking in qualified applicants. If you think a career in surveying is beyond your reach, think again!  The real estate market is booming. Commercial construction is on the rise. […]

We’ve Been Busy!

Why are you unable to survey my project right away? We understand this news may not be what our customers want to hear. We are happy, even excited, to assist everyone with their surveying needs; however, it simply wouldn’t be right for us to offer services and then not be able to deliver in a […]

Gravel pit off North Street can move ahead, planning board rules

A 10-acre gravel pit off North Street found unanimous Planning Board approval on May 5, following a preliminary application review in April. The pit, which is planned as two pits — an existing 1-acre pit enlarged to 2.3 acres and a second 7.5-acre pit — was proposed by E. Skip Grindle, who operates a landscaping […]

A Day in the Life of a Surveyor

As I pulled into the curbside pick-up spot a younger man stepped out to assist me. I gave him my name and he took off to find my order while I opened the trunk of my car to accept the several boxes he promptly returned with. When I opened my trunk I had noticed my […]

Ellsworth American: $8.6M Trenton solar project planned

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc.’s own, Steve Salsbury, proposed a concept on behalf of Renewable Energy Development Partners, LLC (REDP), to build a solar farm on a currently undeveloped 98-acres of land located 2,400 feet from the Bar Harbor Road. The project will include 17,785 double-sided panels and will generate 7 megawatts of energy. Chairman John […]

photo of old surveyors maps

Thank You to Our Clients: A Look Back at a Busy 2020

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. saw a tremendous increase in business in 2020. At the end of 2020, we have work booked into April-May 2021 with many projects started in 2020 that will carry forward well into 2021. Our staff has been working very hard on taking care of the many projects we have going. The […]