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tara hartson posing with surveying equipment

5 Instances Where A Land Surveyor Is Your Best Friend

Wondering when you may need a land surveyor? Whether you’re buying a new property, dividing up your existing land, making improvements or just trying to solve a boundary dispute with a neighbor, a company like Herrick & Salsbury can be a big help.  Wondering when you may need a surveyor to help you with a […]

photo of a boundary stake on a lawn

So You Need A Survey – 5 Common Questions Answered

As a property owner, one important thing to know is where the boundaries are. With clear and distinct boundary lines you’ll be able to avoid issues when building on or selling your property as well as arguments with neighbors over how far over you can build your fence.  When there are conflicting views about boundary […]

A generic paper based proposal/design that has been stamped "Approved" in large diagonal red text.

Simplifying the Planning and Permitting Process

You’ve taken the first step and decided it’s finally time to start that new project. You’ve got the vision in your head and your plans in hand. Now it’s time to get approval so you can get started.  Anxiety can build when you are told that a local town planning board will need to review […]