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Land Conservation Case Study: Frenchman Bay Conservancy

Herrick & Salsbury, Inc. was engaged by the Frenchman Bay Conservancy, a local land conservation organization based in Hancock, Maine to survey one of the last remaining large, undeveloped tracts of land fronting the tidal section of the Union River which flows from downtown Ellsworth to where it meets the ocean at Union River Bay. […]

Surveying Timeline: A Look Behind the Scenes

Surveying is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle piece represents a lot of land and all those lots need to be fit together, with consideration of the whole. The problem being that in surveying, the pieces rarely fit together perfectly, and so it is a surveyor’s job to re-fit those pieces in a timely manner […]

Living in RV’s & Tiny Homes – What You Should Know

Most towns and cities regulate the placement or construction of structures on your property to maintain orderly neighborhoods and safe construction to protect the citizenry.  Building Your Tiny Home Up until very recently, the State of Maine required a home to contain a minimum of 500 square feet. The now popular tiny homes are typically […]

Understanding The Basics Of Mortgage Loan Inspections

If you’re buying a home or property in Maine, you may have heard of a Mortgage Loan Inspection (MLI) or Mortgage Inspection Sketch (MIS), and be wondering what this is – and why you would need an MLI/MIS from a surveyor. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.  What Is A Mortgage […]

photo of men working on a deck in the summer

Do You Need a Permit for That Summer Renovation Project?

As summer rolls around, many of us start working on home and yard renovation projects, but not everyone knows that they may need a building permit before hitting the ground running.  There are several benefits to getting a building permit, including that the town will inspect the work being done and help prevent your contractor […]

Violation for an Unpermitted Structure? Here’s How to Keep It

There are many times a structure is built without first obtaining a valid building permit from the local authorities. Weekend, spur of the moment, impulse type building is one of the most common beginnings of an unpermitted structure. Picture a group of friends at camp thinking it would be nice to build a deck on […]

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5 Instances Where A Land Surveyor Is Your Best Friend

Wondering when you may need a land surveyor? Whether you’re buying a new property, dividing up your existing land, making improvements or just trying to solve a boundary dispute with a neighbor, a company like Herrick & Salsbury can be a big help.  Wondering when you may need a surveyor to help you with a […]